Matt BrightSide Evans

I’m Matt bright side, a renaissance man that has a vision of a conscience world that is full ofIMG_6833 love and beauty. The founder of the micro-green farm and visionary for the community he brings qi-gong, farming and art together in a empowered way to help change the lives of so many.

My life has been changed by Qigong in so many ways.

When I was young I had a series of accidents that left me in a wheelchair for about 2 years. As I was going through physical therapy I was introduced to Qigong and that is one of the reasons I can, not only walk, but run, dance, and so much more.This is just one of the life altering experiences with Qigong. I do subscribe to the powerful healing that comes when you embrace a practice of Qigong and foods that heal. In 1987 I was diagnosed with malaria and had many years of suffering being sick often. In 2011 I went to a Qi Revolution which got me re-excited about Qigong. I re-started my practice with the healing foods of micro-greens and the food healing information that I gained from Jeff Primack. In a very short time I was full of energy and have not had a bout of malaria since. I feel I have reversed this deadly infliction and I am now thriving.

I have been an artist from very young and joined the renaissance fair circuit for many years learning many skills and apprenticing with many master craftsmen. When I met my life partner Mary Marlatt in the Renaissance fairs we found the meaning of togetherness and support. When we left the fairs and came back to the world of corporate and jobs I became a network engineer I continued in that work for many years. When we started growing and eating the micro-greens a few years IMG_2574=smallago, my health started to revive I took a good look at what I was doing and longed for something more. Well when we came back from our certification of qigong instructors the company I was working for went under and I decided to be a farmer. I have not looked back. Sharing the breath practice, qigong, food healing, and energy practices have been the most rewarding time for me. I know that my life is now and forever changed, and will continue to help heal and empower my wondrous family who I am meeting every day. In 2011 I met a fabulous mentor by the name of Andrew Morrissey. Through our interaction and training I have the privilege of being a valuable part of the Universal Heroes Non-profit organization. This experience is taking me and the ones that join me to our next level. As a qigong IMG_7105researcher and practitioner I have stretched my knowledge and teach a deep and powerful healing form through the philosophiesof the Nowist. David Beaudry is one of my masters of qigong sharing his knowledge and experience as a cross trainer, qigong master and all around Light warrior and D’Jedi Master. Now I do a trek yearly to a magical place in Thailand. Pai is a part of middle earth that the energies and space that is created there allow and help us to be the best “Me” we can every be. I continue to teach and learn at a speed that is wonderful, I invite you to learn with me.

contact me online on Facebook mattbrightside email at may your day be blessed and wonderfilled.

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