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As a 20 year veteran of the IT industry i was a design engineer for many projects from the early days of the internet. I have designed systems from a small home office to a campus for higher learning. As one of the prime engineers of Aperian, one of the first commercial data-centers that allowed the internet to spread its wings, I was instrumental in the profitability of the internet model. I bring a lot of knowledge and ingenuity to the table saving time and money. In the world today more and more businesses must compete on a global stage.

With data being the heart of business, a good network, systems and recovery plan cn allow you to do what you do best. You will not even know the network is there. When it is running right and things are set up easy, productivity and profitability rise. An analysis of your current design and the stages to have what you desire is the job of the designer, taking everything from data retention, retrieval and recovery into account this allows you to make informed decisions on future growth. Bringing Bright Side of the Moon on the job can bring peace of mind and speed of implementation. To set-up an initial consultation please call Matt Evans 512 983-6622

My specialties include:

  1. Network and system design for small to large business
  2. Network and computer maintenance
  3. Troubleshoot network applications
  4. Virus and spyware removal
  5. in-home repair and remote access support
  6. Data backup and recovery.
  7. Upgrades hardware and/or software
  8. Internet / intranet design and implementation
  9. Web presence


Do you need to set up your office in your home to do work or maintain you office. We have experience in all forms of servers to desktops. Is your computer not running as fast as it used to? Are you dealing with private information you would like more secure? Want the best bang for your buck? We can help. 512 983-6622 or

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