What is Qigong

I have been on a long journey to were I am today. Life to me is a fun exciting experience that is ever unfolding. As a earth conscience organic farmer

the gifts that have been afforded me are too numerous to count and one of them is my practice a mix of cardio/stretch/strength training and medical Qigong.

What is QiGong?

Qi (chee): Energy! Life forcefound flowing through all
living things.
Gong(gung): Cultivation,
Practice or work, skill
acquired through
practice or discipline.

Qigong: skill in working with
Qi: Healing or working with
Life energy


According to ancient Qigong masters,
Qi permeates every square inch of the
Universe. Unlike oxygen, Qi is
everywhere, and it’s nature is elusive. time
Quantum physics has been verifying this energy
calling it the “Unified Field of Energy”
that is all encompassing with the LHC. This field of
energy animates all of existence.
Everyone is receiving energy from the
earth and sky consciously or unconsciously at all times.
Qigong gracefully increases the amount
we receive by using our intentional mind
(meditation), our breathing, and our
physical movements.

Qigong in everyday life is the energy we share with each other everyday from a physical standpoint,  energetic or energy in motion ‘the emotions’ and the ideas that we share with each other. Everyone has been doing qigong all of their lives this energy cultivation is what allows us to thrive. In this practice we learn ways to observe, interact and feel this energy and it transforms our lives.

I invite you to take a journey with us as we explore the world of QI.