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What if?

What if….
What if people lived to love
What if we each had a piece of land and a home and nourishing food
What if all homes were created to sustain life
What if clean water was available in every home
What if existing knowledge was utilized for renewable clean power
What if we rejected the poisons covertly and blatantly being fed us in our food, air, and water
What if we cared for the earth and ceased harming it with chemicals and unnecessary development
What if we each had a garden for our healthy organic veggies
What if we took time to really know our neighbors
What if we all communicated in truth
What if we heard this truth without judgement
What if in that truth we learned compassion
What if we used that knowledge to help one another
What if we found fulfillment by helping in any way we can
What if we utilized our passions and strengths for the good of all
What if we exchanged goods and services based on our strengths
What if in that exchange, money and debt became a thing of the past
What if we all worked together to create this reality
What if we recognized this IS ALL possible
What if we recognized this is why we are here
What if…..?
I believe this is why we are alive, to be joyous, generous, loving, helpful, compassionate, forgiving, peaceful, and happy.
I believe many hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of people share this belief but many are afraid to act on it
I believe that we have been conditioned to think we have to do as society does to have validity
I believe it is time to rid our society of that belief and focus on working together to create the world as it could and should be
I believe we all have a right to provide for ourselves and others in any way we can which is not harmful to others or earth
I believe Earth exists as a life sustaining, nurturing, peaceful sanctuary for all it’s inhabitants!
I believe in you
I believe in me
I believe in peace
I believe in love
I love you all so very much!
Mary Bright Side Marlatt