Djedi Activation

Awakening to Self-Mastery

This Summer August 22nd – 24th See details here

What is a DJedi?

In the legends from ancient Egypt, it is said that a group of awakened beings incarnated on planet Earth to help assist in the transformation of consciousness at critical moments in history. They were referred to as, the “DJedh” meaning “Pillar.” The “DJedi” are the carriers of the Pillars of Light, who activate the collective consciousness of humanity through intention, integrity and compassion.

We are living at such times. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for. As the Earth goes through this shift into greater awareness many people will feel lost as we are now walking into uncharted territory. Many people will feel called to discover the deeper aspects of Self in order to live out their purpose here on Earth. People from all walks of life are gathering to discover their greatest gifts and heal their deepest shadows, as well as those of humanity – For everyone, all at once

The DJedi Activation is a training to unlock the codes of Self-mastery within. We travel to power spots across the country to activate the land through our hearts and in collective practice. We utilize the ancient spiritual practices of qigong, yoga, pranayama and the power of the collective group to regain full consciousness, to re-boot, de-code and “Wake Up” inside the matrix, with full remembrance of who we are, and why we’re here. You will be given the opportunities, tools, practices and framework to step confidently into the direction of your purpose. This is not your average training, it will be an opportunity to explore self mastery with new eyes.

* Understand and overcome self-doubt, fear and anger
* Increase your physical strength, internal energy and healing ability.
* Learn the six healing sounds and movements for healing the emotional root of disease.
* Experience the foundations of joint mobility, postural integrity and alignment to maximize your qigong practice whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner.
* Open to your higher self and inner guidance.
* Increase your confidence, creativity and ability to speak your truth
* Experience a deeper connection with self and others

What you will learn:

Immortal Qigong Form

6 exercises for harmonizing the three energy centers, the 5 Element organs and twelve meridians. We will be cultivating internal power on all three levels; physical, energetic and spiritual.IMG_3828-web

Balancing Tri Unity – Stretch the spine, open the heart, and activate the brain to energize all three energy centers.
Metal – Open the chest and back to breathe more deeply and strengthen the immune system.
Water – Heal the low back and spine while building leg strength.
Wood – Use precise movements to open the diaphragm and unlock the free flow of energy.
Fire – Generate feelings of joy and gratitude and transform stress .
Earth – Decompress and gently massage internal organs for greater mental clarity and increasing the digestive fire.

DJedi Cross Training

7 exercises moving through all six degrees of freedom for increased;IMG_5045-web

internal energy flow
joint integrity and mobility
movement mastery
cross hemispheric brain activation

Pillar of Light

Becoming a Pure Vessel for healing and creating a protective field of Light energy that grounds your awareness and opens your heart. Its an ancient practice passed down through a lineage of qigong masters to directly center a practitioner in there I AM Presence. At it’s essence The Pillar of Light is learning how to return to your original nature and create a sacred space of healing and protection. This is a spiritual technology using your intention, attention, breath and subtle hand seals to activate your God Presence above and below within and without.IMG_3808-web

Breath Training

4 primary techniques for:

tapping to the zero-point field
mastering how to shift our physiological stress response into a state of increased recovery and energy.

Gene Key Activation Circle

It is through the Ancient science of breath synchronization and connecting to the Unified field of consciousness that miracles occur and we are able to activate higher frequencies of light within our DNA. This allows us on a deep level to heal our collective and individual human shadows and activate the gifts we are here to share with the world!

DJedi Group Practices (Training in the Force)

Specific practices to increase your healing capacity, energetic sensitivity and psychic perception. These intuitive abilities are within us all and through healing and cleansing the organs, chakras, mental and emotional body we awaken these intelligence centers which express themselves through four primary ways;

Kinesthetic Intuitive IntelligenceForcetraining
Emotional Intuitive Intelligence
Mental Intuitive Intelligence
Spiritual Intuitive Intelligence

Conscious Communication

Learn to speak your truth and be heard. A fun and safe environment to practice whole body listening and speaking from your heart. Improving your interpersonal relationships, intimate relationships and capacity to be Awake in every moment.

A DJedi is an ordinary man or woman, dedicated to living an extra-ordinary life in tune with her heart and the heart of Earth. May all beings be blessed and awaken to their true nature.

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